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    • Vadim
    • 27 years old, Tallinn
    • Highly qualified specialist
    Training program:
    Master, 60 days

    I have achieved the most important thing — the self-confidence

    In the first few minutes of Dmitri’s lectures I realised that I can live differently, that in fact there are no limits, we have fabricated them, because we are afraid of something all the time. Before I got to know another life, I dared not even go to a young woman on the street and introduce myself, I had a barrier that prevented me from taking the first step. After the training, all the restrictions disappeared, I tried not to think about excuses, just did what I wanted. I had nothing before, nothing but fears, I lived a calm and boring life, but now I have a girlfriend, who I could only dream of before, my own house in a prestigious district, and my income is growing every month, because I have achieved the most important thing — the self-confidence

    • Artjom
    • 29 years old, Tallinn
    • Recruitment specialist
    Training program:
    Basic program with subsequent consultations

    During the training, I had more girls than ever

    Thanks to training, I have become self-confident and brave. Not despised or constrained in my desires and actions

    The ability to work has increased, the communication skills have improved significantly

    My salary has significantly increased

    I am no longer afraid to meet girls. Already during training, I had more girls than in my previous life

    Before the training, problems were due to a negative internal state. Thanks to the special techniques I have learned to be always positive

    • Aleksandr
    • 31 years old, Tallinn
    • Businessman
    Training program:
    Basic program with VIP elements

    The skills acquired can be used
    in any field

    After training, I have achieved an entirely different, previously unreachable level. Daily work on yourself, training and departure from the comfort zone were justified! The acquired knowledge and abilities can be successfully used in every field, both in business and in personal life

    • Veniamin
    • 23 years old, Tallinn
    • Businessman
    Training program:
    Master, 60 days, individually

    Lessons learned on the courses help me in business and in relations with people

    In the course of training, you will begin to better understand people, which will always allow you to make the necessary decisions. Regular exercise and stay outside of your comfort zone give you great motivation and make you grow and develop, be stronger and more resistant in stressful situations. The experience of these courses helps me in business and in relations with people